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Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: Which membership package do you have?




Section 1: Anxiety Scale - 8 questions

Section 2: Yes/No Questions - 14 questions


Please answer all 22 questions in order to receive an accurate score. Your score at the end of the quiz represents the severity of your RSD in comparison to data from an original survey by What in the ADHD? This original survey had a total of 636 responses from ADHD individuals and 43 Neurotypical individuals for the purpose of control data.

Your score at the end of the quiz is correlated with a list of completely made-up RSD Membership Tiers*, from God's Favorite (no RSD) to Platinum V.I.P (all of the RSD). Which of the 8 RSD membership tiers is the best fit for you?



Your responses and results are NOT incorporated into any data sets, new or existing. The quiz itself and your results are not a diagnosis or medical advice. This is just for fun.


*The ranges of points in each of the eight "membership tiers" are determined via statistical analyses of the original RSD survey data to ensure a Normal Distribution across the tiers.




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